Griffiths/Hermanson Home

When Anna Griffiths & Rick Hermanson first came to the office to discuss plans for their new home, they had already formed a deep attachment to the parcel of land on which they wanted to build, and to the rocks which covered it. One massive boulder in particular had caught their attention - shaped like a huge couch, it had become the focus of picnics and climbing games with the kids.   

Today the house sits moored to that couch rock like a ship to a small island. A cascade of water flows between the boulder and the house through a rock-floored living porch down to a rock-lined koi pond.

   The rock theme continues inside - not only in the massive hearthstones but even to a boulder set on end, standing sentinel in a corner of the living room. The concrete floor flows around it, colored by Rick's artist hand to resemble the ocean here, a cave painting there.
Rick's eye for color is seen too in the faux-copper patina to the window frame exteriors and in the strong wall colors forming Mondrian-like geometries throughout the house, while Anna's profuse plantings add exotic accents to the woodland landscape all around.

At just 1400 square feet (the minimum size allowed by neighborhood covenants) the highly organized plan contains three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a library/study, a small studio for Rick's sculpture, and a two-level living/dining kitchen space, as well as a laundry room and foyer.


The house hugs the earth and seems part of the earth. A multitude of glass doors dissolves the boundaries between outside and in. Even Anna & Rick's bathroom contains a door to the outside, giving access to an outdoor shower in addition to the big soak tub and shower within.

Though simple in form - a rectangle indented at opposite corners to form entry porch and living porch - the house sits comfortably and at ease amidst the chaos of stone, reflecting Rick & Anna's deep feeling for the landscape in which it is set.