Fowler Home

As a realtor, Sharon Fowler knows a good thing when she sees it. A tiny infill lot close to the center of Carrboro just fit the bill for her move into town from years of country living.

"At my first meeting with James I had an armload of pictures of craftsman-style homes, floor plans and details (none of which I could possibly afford to replicate) along with a long list of desirable features. I knew exactly what I wanted.


"James, amazingly, was able to give me exactly what I needed! Making me feel totally involved in the process while he worked his magic, he designed a house that is somehow more me than it would have been without him!

"Every get-together was a pleasure (even if I arrived harried and anxious), and every "challenge" was overcome with imagination and good humor. He made optimum use of my postage-stamp lot and inside the house feels larger than it is, with wonderful craftsman references which are right at home in the 21st century.

"And I'm right at home too. From the very first, being in the house gave me a wonderful feeling. Now, a year later, I'm still relishing the experience of living in the home James made for me."