Bushnell Home

Designed for a three-generation household with many active interests, the Bushnell house takes full advantage of its dramatic hillside setting barely a mile from downtown Chapel Hill. Construction was completed in 1996 by Frank Cole Building Company with landscape design by Jean Bernard.

A. C. Bushnell expresses his thoughts below about the house and the design process:

"What do we know about design? Besides, we were designing for two families, so needed a custom design. James was recommended by someone, but I don't remember who it was.

deck view  
"The main issue was the need to have a separate wing for parents. The house also had to fit on a hill. Of course, that's not unusual in Chapel Hill!

"Our working relationship was cordial and collaborative--and fun.

"One thing he did was to come and look at both my house and my parents house, counting closets, asking what we did, what we wanted. James did his research so he was designing based on our desires.

"After 4 years, it's fabulous! I wake up every day just delighted that I live there. I like the overall feel. It's a combination of styles: part prairie, part japanese, even a touch of southwest. James brought a creative touch. One of my favorites is the round windows. I also like the 36-inch [roof] overhang. It's useful in a million ways when it rains. It also looks nice."

stair rail detail showing all-wood joint